Never Tell Your Children Anything That Limits Them

It is unlikely that by the end of the decade every teenager on this planet can get in touch with their magnificence and begin a process of shedding all the limitations they were marinated in throughout their early years, but the opportunity does exist. Now this isn't to take the responsibility away from the teenager, as he or she has chosen their own exploration of life. We do it for ourselves for the more joy we put out the more joyful life can be. On the other hand we see an environment in which our young are absorbing, the good and bad, the joyful and fearful. We add to it and improve it or allow it to be as it is. Children are left to interpret and form beliefs for themselves about everything from their health and intelligence to their security and freedom to the possibilities for their dreams or not. Lucky for us all, children are smarter than ever before and they are opening a new world without limits.

The expansion continues and the variety of possible choices is without end. You can enter from a position of royalty and be a brutal criminal or you can be born in a war torn society in abject poverty and find yourself on top of the world as a most loved and admired elegant entrepreneur. You can be born with life threatening diseases only to live a gold medalist dream. There are no limits on the variations of possibilities. We each can think greater than we did the day before. There are no ideas too big. Though the unfolding of human awareness is happening 'on schedule' we are now living in an era ripe for unimaginable jubilation and love and prosperous expansion.

Never before has there been such clarity of what is possible for the individual and the world at large. I heard it said 50 is the new 30 and that's an exciting idea born of the growing awareness that seeking greater happiness and joy produces greater life. Within the next 10-20 years there will be as much advancement in human self discovery and technological know-how to equal all previous discoveries made in all of recorded history. These advances will be staggering.

It is my contention that the root of this new growth period will be grounded in the understanding that children are only limited by the conditions and circumstances we place upon them and our relatively new understanding of the relationship between emotions and self esteem. Children begin their discoveries into a world far more advanced than their parents and they do it with less restrictive minds. Their ability to recognize the laws of the universe enables them to reach for greater possibilities. Few would argue that as people have gotten older their limiting beliefs have taken a toll. You would need to ask a million adults before you could find one who thought teleportation was a possibility. Teenagers on the other hand have far greater latitude.

The future is bright for everyone really, the best of all that is possible on earth is cause for great joy and it is in this condition we all can play a part in the nurturing of our children. As low as a teenager may experience life at times, he or she has the capacity to provide and grow a seed of joy. It is in this environment that happiness and joy manifest the opportunities, the situations, the circumstances and occurrences of the fulfillment of their desires.

There will be a day when the educational institutions will recognize their limiting effects on their students and transform so as to deliver on their promise to provide an environment in which all children can discover their true nature and live a full life of joy and satisfaction.

Leon Michael Cautillo, Author/Instructor

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