Lose weight as a lazy teenager

Believe it or having a lie in a Saturday and Sunday morning could keep the problems of weight in the Bay.

A recent study found that adolescents who are delayed weekend are less likely to suffer from weight problems.

Researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong wanted to know if catch up sleep weekend helped children overcome the problems of weight. They questioned 5000 parents on their children eat, weight, lifestyle and habits of sleep. They found that the dormie average hours was more than 9 hours, but some of the children received less than 8 hours. After that factoring within hours, who was sleeping at the end of the week, they found that children who did not catch up with their sleep were more likely to have the largest jump.

The researchers concluded that additional hours in bed the weekend could be important to "reset" the child sleep patterns.

There are probably some out there that will support with this reports findings that the less time you spend wake up the less chance you have "raids on the refrigerator. But there are some scientific findings between sleep and your metabolism. The fewer hours that you sleep down your metabolism and you're inclined to eat more because you are awake for long hours.

So go easy on your young this weekend, that they could be good idea. But for those of you y are not so lucky to have children who are on (like mine) you partially fault them for your weight problems:.

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