How to Punish Teenagers

If you have teens, then one of the biggest quandaries is how you should punish them. They're basically too old to be sent to a time out chair or their room. Here are some effective things that you can deprive your teen of:

1. Phone

This can involve either a landline or cell phone. There are a few options. You could totally bar your son or daughter from using the phone (except for those that are absolutely necessary), or you could limit the number of minutes that he or she daily uses the phone. In this Information Age, limiting the amount of communication that your son or daughter can have with the outside world, is certainly an effective method for disciplining him or her.

2. Computer

For many of us, living a day without a computer is like living a day without food or water. That's why this is definitely an effective method for providing an effective punishment for your son or daughter. The easiest way to prevent his or her use of the computer is to change the computer's password. If your youngster can't log onto the computer, then he or she can't check e-mail, play games, or surf the Net.

3. Socializing

There are several possible options. You could disallow your son or daughter to go anywhere outside the house, except to work or school. Also, you could prohibit any friends from visiting your teen at the house. Restricting a teen's ability to socialize is devastating, since teenagers are constantly seeking approval from their friends. That objective can be extremely difficult when the amount of socializing that they can do becomes limited.

4. Vehicle

When a teen gets his or her license, it opens up a whole new world for him or her. Your son or daughter then has more mobility and independence. But it's crucial that your teen understands that driving is a privilege, rather than a right. Once they break your rules, it's reasonable for them to lose their driving privileges. In fact, you could point out that adults also can lose their license if they drive irresponsibility. This will help your son or daughter to understand the importance of obeying your rules.

5. Allowance

You have more than one option. You could eliminate your son's or daughter's allowance until he or she meets certain requirements that you've set. Another option is to add some extra chores to your teen's weekly "to do" list, while not increasing his or her allowance. Both of these punishments can be particularly tough for those teens who have no outside source of income besides their allowance.

Finally, it's crucial that you're consistent in setting and implementing your child's punishment. While your teen might argue that a certain punishment isn't fair, his or her argument might be valid if the punishment isn't consistent.

While teens probably wouldn't respond well to a time-out chair, they'll respond well to being temporarily banned from the driver's seat. Although disciplining your teen is difficult, it will make him or her a stronger human being.

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