Teen Boot Camps

Teen boot camps or juvenile boot camps were designated for delinquent adolescents with behaviour and addiction problems. Here, they remain under surveillance for some time and are subject to a military-style discipline.

Several jurisdictions send first time and non-violent offending adolescents as a corrective action training camps. But today, even parents trying to cope with difficult children send to teen boot camps. Teen boot camps claim to the child by the strengthening of the structure and discipline

The fundamental principle of a teen boot camp is for a young rebel, subject to heavy mental and physical subjugation to become a better person. Inmates of these training camps in stark, disciplinary orders in your face with supervisors, which are like military sergeants and sanctions for any violation of the rules. There is also emphasis on physical exercise control and the spirit. Earlier, supervisors methods corporal in the camps, but they are now prohibited by law.

Teen boot camps work also by creating uniformity among its members. Teens who attend these camps are to give up their contacts with family and friends. They wear uniforms and some teens camps shave same heads of children to create more harmony between them. Juvenile boot camps, youth are not addressed by their names, so that person is given particular importance. The period during which a teenager going to a training camp is followed by a period of monitoring. This is usually a period mentoring, where minor problems are addressed, and solutions are drawn. During this period, some employment-training skills can be taught.

The effects of teen boot camps in the minds of young teens are a controversial issue. Experts believe that the training camps do nothing to improve the youth; in fact, they are harmful. According to them, the effects of the training camps are very temporary and forgotten once the completed camp. Also young people who live under the domination for a period of time becomes more rebellious later in life.

Experts also argue that boot camps for teenagers not reduce recidivism in trends. Offenders who are placed in teen boot camps may return once more to their original behavior once they are.

Even economically speaking, correctional teen boot camps are not feasible to the Government. Although the time spent by an offender juvenile boot camp can be less than at the prison, the operating costs of the training camps that also apply to offenders is fairly high.

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