Depression and the fearsome Quartet

There are many teenagers in the world today as they stroll around depression.  Often, depression is not recognized, but the behavior "acting". Your teen may be enter in fighting at school, argue with teachers or parents, ditching class, or simply refuse to go to school.  Girl's rebellious and aggressive is not often considered as being depressed, but it is a separate probabiity. So what causes our youth to be depressed?

There are four fundamental underlying feelings that can lead to depression in adolescence. I call the fearsome Quartet. It is anger, fear, guilt and loss.  One of them or any combination can change your child loving and cooperative in a beam to act and rebellious behaviour.

I think, however, that if the root of the depression is found, teenagers can spend their negative behaviours and become once more the person loving and cooperative, that you raised.  My therapist experience has shown this is true.  The difficult part is to get the young person to cooperate and to talk about what was going on.  Adolescents living in a dangerous, competitive and full of world today stress and need help. Understand what is wrong, it is an important part of healing.

When talking about anger teenagers (or adults, moreover) we find that the General anger is based on two legs, injured and fear. Fear that the second branch includes anxiety as a major factor.  Many adolescents carry much more anxiety that it is recognized by others, and they are afraid that someone will know.  The third component is the guilt, real or perceived. Adolescents may feel guilt for things that have nothing to do with them, including the fact of being born. And finally, the loss.  Adults will not know the adolescents loss of how to.  A young person loss of boyfriend or girlfriend results in loss of status with a lot of other problems and it is catastrophic.

When you are working with a young person, it was often difficult to disentangle all and for the basic issues that adolescents have so many questions.  They live in a world full of physical danger, drugs, weapons, violence, school performance, problems at home, crime reaching as early as middle school, sex, so that they are not ready and couple problems.

The above is a simplistic explanation of some of the things I've found in working with adolescents as a professional.  There is much more.  I hope that this will give you a start and help you begin to understand the teens in your life.


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