How to Fix Your Teen's Behavior Before It's Too Late - Without Consulting a Professional

Have you tried exhaustively to regain control of your out-of-control teen? Does it seem like the harder you try, the more your kid acts-out.

Do you find that your child seems to be in charge (the tail wagging the dog)?

Does he have an "attitude" ALL the time?

Is he resentful about something and holds a grudge?

Are you worried about your kid:

* Having unprotected sex?

* Hanging with the wrong crowd?

* Experimenting with drugs or alcohol?

Has your teen:

* Lied to you?

* Stolen?

* Skipped school?

* Destroyed property?

* Run away?

* Had legal problems?

* Refused to follow your rules

Does this sound familiar? "I've tried everything under the sun with my kid -- but nothing works!" "I have taken him to a counselor, but nothing much has changed."

Or, have you been hesitating to seek counseling because you want to try everything else first? Well, there IS an alternative that you probably have not tried or even heard of; the use of a proven self-help program!

Self-therapy kits (STKs) are now available for parents like you, who want a fix that is scientific, tested, within your control and implemented in your own home! However, there are many types of STKs available.

How do you know which one to choose? Check the brochure CAREFULLY.

Select an STK that teaches advanced parenting strategies that are scientifically proven. Also, pick one that is designed to work immediately, rather than months or years down the road.

Look for one that includes proven easy-to-understand techniques that are NEW and NOT run-of-the-mill! Forget those that contain the re-hashed content that you've been reading about forever.

After all, conventional techniques don't work with unconventional teenagers.

> Does your child...

* have a bad temper

* argue with you and others

* refuse to obey your rules

* defy you

* blame others for his misbehavior?

> Is he:

* touchy and easily annoyed

* angry, resentful?

If so, hundreds of STKs are available! But pick one that is state-of-the-art, guaranteed and risk-free. After all, you already have more than enough problems! You don't need any more.

Counseling doesn't work because your teen doesn't want it, so he won't talk. However, you don't need to go through another year of torture with a rebellious, foul-mouthed kid.

Review several STK brochures, but only test those that have been designed by someone who has years of experience. You can get programs in DVD, audio, video, CD, workbook and e-book formats.

Select one that is composed of several formats; you will learn faster.

If possible, get one which includes...

...Live audio of a parent-teen curriculum in action.

...Power Point Presentations, a manual, audio and perhaps videos about your kid's specific issues.

...A regularly updated website.

....A Parent Forum -- so that you can get quick support and advice from others who are facing the same difficulties.

...A newsletter which provides a continuing stream of the latest parenting resources

..On-the-spot access to an expert via phone, email, or chat room who you can contact for help.

...Last, but not least, a 100% Money Back Guarantee, (which you are unlikely to get from ANY counselor, anywhere)!

Consumer FAQs:

Q: Should I use a self-therapy kit (STK) before consulting a therapist?

A: I think its best to start with the kit. After all, after successfully completing it, you may not need counseling or medication.

Q: What if I want to consult a counselor anyway? Can I use the kit as well?

A: Using an STK while engaging in treatment will likely boost both the speed and quality of your recovery exponentially!

Q: Where do I find STKs?

A: On the internet. Search for "self-help" "self-improvement," "anxiety, depression self-help." Study the brochures and make sure the content is cutting-edge and that there is an unconditional guarantee.

Q: What about the guarantee?

A: Be sure there is an unconditional guarantee. Just follow the simple directions to claim it. Its easy and fast.

Q: What are the credentials of those who author these kits?

A: They are designed by both mental health professionals and first-rate non-professional experts who have personal experience in solving the problem for themselves; after all, there is no better testimonial than ones own personal success!

The key: Read any brochure carefully to be certain that its contents will boost the quality and shorten the time of your recovery.

ONLY select an STK that is guaranteed and is subject to a full refund. Happily, there is no need to be at your "wit's end" any longer.

After selecting an STK with the above characteristics, the problems in your home should be dramatically reduced. When using an STK, you will become elated at how easy it is to use parenting strategies that really work!

Test-out a well-designed parent-teen STK now, before it is too late!

Dr Shery earned his doctorate in counseling at the University of Southern Calif. He is a practicing psychotherapist and an author with over 30 years experience; he provides groundbreaking Self-Therapy Kits that he uses with his own patients. They are absolutely guaranteed to eliminate anxiety, anger and agitation; if not satisfied, you get an unconditional refund. Learn more about these New Self-Therapy Kits

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