Why Teenage Girls Need A Good Relationship With Their Dads

The teen years can be a challenge to say the least. For teenage girls this time is crucial as they are developing their character and establishing morals and values that will define who they become. It's a time when young girls learn many of life's lessons that will carry them into their adult years. To say that teenage girls are impressionable during these years would be an understatement. These girls need a good, solid relationship with their parents. In particular they need a good relationship with their father who is able to instill the needed character traits and values that will help to lay a solid moral foundation for life. Listed below are several reasons that teenage girls need to have a good relationship with their dads.

As a father and a Christian I believe one of the most important reasons to have a good relationship your teenage daughter is to earn her trust and respect. When you as a father lead your family by example, exemplifying the love of Christ through your life, what begins to take place is you begin lying a biblical foundation for her and that foundation is Christ. Once this foundation has been laid you then begin building upon Him who is more than able to hold this young life in His hands. Upon that foundation a father can begin to pour his heart into his teenage daughter's life building her self esteem. A self esteem that is God centered rather than one that is centered on the things of this world. When self esteem is Christ centered rather that self centered there is a world of difference. Christ centered self esteem says that my self esteem or myself worth comes from who I am as a child of God in Christ. I am a child of the Most High. When this is realized then one's self esteem becomes something that cannot be taken away by man. My self esteem is not based on the type of car I drive or based on how much money I have. It's not based on how big my house is or where I live. Where I work or who I associate with. None of these determine my self esteem. My self esteem is found in Christ. If a teenage girl finds her self esteem in Him. That is a good foundation in deed.

Another reason for a teenage girl to have a good relationship with her father is that the father may show his daughter by example what a healthy relationship is and how to establish healthy boundaries. Teenage girls are very impressionable. The way you conduct yourself in your marriage with your wife, with your fiancée or girlfriend can greatly influence what type of relationship your daughter might have as she gets older. If all she sees is arguing, fighting or god forbid some type of physical abuse in your relationships there is a greater chance of her allowing this type of destructive behavior in her relationships. Gaining the trust of your teenage daughter doesn't come by force or by fear but by example. As a Christian father I can show my daughter what a healthy marriage is. What it is to communicate in a healthy manner even if my wife and I disagree on something. We can agree to disagree respectfully and in love. As a father it is not only our responsibility but our privilege to raise our daughters and set a healthy, Godly example for them. A teenage daughter watches how her parents interact. If the mother and father have a relationship with a rocky foundation that includes inappropriate behavior taking place in the home it is more likely that the daughter may follow this pattern. She in turn will gravitate towards someone who will act out in the same manner her parents did. I as the father can set the standard or be the example of what a Godly man is and how a healthy relationship works. It is vital that I lead the family and set the example for my daughter.

It can't be said enough that teenage girls need a good relationship with their dads. The teen years for girls are some of the most important years that they will have. The teen years are when a substantial amount of who they are and who they will become takes place. It is vital that we fathers take the time needed to poor into our daughter's lives. To do so is not just your duty; it's your responsibility and privilege.

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