How to Deal With a Defiant Teenager

How to deal with a defiant teenager? Can it even be done at all? Seemingly overnight, your once pleasant child has turned into a moody, defiant teenager, and you are left feeling hurt and angry, and doubting your skills as a parent. A defiant teenager will disrupt the harmony of the whole family!

By learning some skills on how to deal with a defiant teenager, you will get your kid listening to you and respecting you again, and get the peace back into your home!

First, always remember, that your teen does not really want to be defiant and disrespectful. He is in that awkward stage called adolescence--no longer a child, but not quite an adult yet. Yes, it is not an easy time for him or her, but then, it is not an easy time for you either! There is hope, though.

If your child is constantly texting or emailing? Take the if-you-can't-beat-'em-join-'em approach. This is one sure fire way to get to communicate again with your teen, without all of the screaming and arguing! Cell phones and the internet are here to stay, so learn these ways of communicating with your teen. He will be too amazed to argue!

Lying is another tactic of angry teens, but one that parents do not punish harshly enough. Lying absolutely must not be tolerated under any circumstances! You can learn how to gain respect from your teen again, and discipline him effectively. As the parent, you must be the one in control. Teenagers have the innate ability to make parents feel like they are doing a less than good job, and that they have no control.

Many parents have suffered through the seemingly never ending teen years, only to turn out a well rounded young adult! Arm yourself with as much information as possible, learn how to deal with a defiant teenager, and stay ahead of all of his disrespectful behavior and you too will end up with a young adult whom you can be proud of!

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