Is It Acceptable For Young Girls To Get Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Whether you're fifteen or eighty, whether you're a man or a woman, assuredly there is at least one type of plastic surgery that you've considered getting at one point in your life. Both sexes desire bodily perfection (or at least something close to it). Thanks to advances in modern medicine and surgical procedures, just about everyone can afford to have their body sculpted in the manner in which they choose; shave a little here, add a little volume there - it's all possible, all it takes is a little cash and a skilled plastic surgeon.

In today's society, everyone wants to be perfect. You can even include me in that category. Who doesn't want to be beautiful and highly regarded amongst one's peers? To that end, the plastic surgery industry thrives on society's infatuation with physical beauty. Unfortunately, that societal pressure for physical beauty affects even young girls.

Most people don't realize it, but there are no hard and fast regulations when it comes to age restrictions and plastic surgery. A sixteen year old girl can purchase implants just as easily as a thirty year old woman. Although that may not sound like there should be any cause for concern, the sixteen year old girl's body is not fully developed while the thirty year old woman's body is fully developed.

While exterior beauty can certainly benefit a person's self esteem and self confidence, a person's true self worth comes from within. If you were to ask a dozen men whether they feel a particular woman is attractive, you will more or less get the same response from all of them. While that knowledge might boost a woman's self confidence, it pales in comparison to how she feels about herself. Elevating her self-esteem and self-confidence to its highest potential requires her to believe in herself. The ultimate goal of a plastic surgery procedure is not only about sculpting the body into a more pleasing form; it's really about helping a person boost their own level of self-confidence.

Women start to visibly age in their early thirties. Once that process starts, most women start giving serious consideration to one form of plastic surgery or another. For men, aging is a much more gradual process, and the effects of it on a man are much more socially acceptable than they are for a woman. The bulk of plastic surgery patients are women in their thirties and forties, and that's not going to change any time soon.

The woman in her thirties or forties who gets plastic surgery is seeking to restore youth to her body. The young woman in her early to mid twenties is typically seeking a properly balanced body. Both women are trying to elevate their self esteem and there's nothing wrong with that. However, when a young girl wants breast augmentation surgery, such as a sixteen year old girl, some people argue that is simply too young.

Both boys and girls in their early teenage years are unhappy with their bodies. It's not until they are eighteen years old that they start to feel exceedingly pleased with the development of their body. And for women, their breasts continue to develop into their early twenties. That fact makes it seem even less necessary for a young girl to get breast implants because how can she know how she truly feels about her body when it's still undeveloped?

The recommended minimum age for a breast augmentation patient is eighteen years old, and that is only a recommendation; if her parents approve of the surgery, even a fifteen year old could get breast implants! In this writer's opinion, that is simply too young. Women should wait until their bodies are fully developed before having cosmetic enhancement surgery of any kind.

Breast augmentation surgery is easily the most performed invasive cosmetic surgery in the world. It's obvious that all women want beauty, but at what point does the health risk outweigh the potential aesthetic reward?

To learn more about plastic surgery age restrictions, you will need to speak directly with a licensed plastic surgeon. Only a licensed doctor can provide you with medical guidance and counsel regarding your health related decisions. Good luck!

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