Out Of Control Kids - 5 steps to say no and sticking to it

It is difficult to say "no" to your children and with children of control it is even more difficult. It is also difficult to follow. It is kind of knee jerk reaction. Then you are backed into a corner. You must paste your "no" and this is where the problem begins.

Let's go through this slowly. First of all, you said not to your problem child. The next question, you got it, "why"? A brief explanation is all you need. If you start overexplaining, you are give the power to them. This is what a rebel child wants - power. And it is an easy to go down, because we think it is better to understand and then they will be in agreement with your answer.

But they do you agree with the response. What happens is that you end up compromising. And then you start to change the rules. And when you do this, you lead your kiddo to not accept without a response. This is not good for a teenager in trouble.

And if you play it off, there not only is training to not take a response, you reward him too. Yes, if it made you change the rules for what he wants, he gets what he wants! Therefore the rewards. Here are 5 steps help to paste to your No.

Establish your authority early. Start setting limits very early in life. This also includes good structure. As holding hand 3 yr old of your child through the street. It is your Foundation.
Monitor over-stimulation. If your child is excited, it will seem as from those of the children of the control. And, thus, they have a very difficult time following directions. The best thing to do here is give them a 5 minute break. Then give them a chance to do what they were asked. If they are not able, give them a few minutes more in the room to calm down.
Do not let them turn you around. If you have enough given your child a brief explanation and he began to argue, the absolute thing is said "no, I will not discuss it further." Then on foot. NOT TURN. If you do, give you him the power to turn you around every time.
Said the new rules to your child.The best time to explain the rules "" news of your child is when all is quiet. Tell them 'does not mean'. Help come up with some coping skills, if none is a word that thwart the.
Do not forget these 3 roles of parents: teacher, Coach and limit Setter. All 3 of these roles are essential. The 2 first lead up to be able to do without the third. A note aside, not one of these roles is friend. We are, however, be friendly and express positive feelings for them.

It is the reduction of the base. I hope that you'll get a jump start on your children discipline at an early age, so you do not have to face the problems of children's behaviour. Remember, if you leave leave you by failing to answer that the children, they'll do as adults. This will lead to problems in relationships.

Do you have difficulty saying "no" to your children and to take?

If you're setting limits evil without fighting and want to learn more tips to parents to say "no":

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