How to Make Your Kids Like Books

Since birth until adulthood children are brought up to hate books. Maybe not intentionally I am sure we will all admit children hate books. Well they do. If you are one of the lucky mothers who managed to get their son into reading instead of computer games then I take my hat off to you. My mum on the other hand, wasn't quite as propitious. Some say a child's disliking for books is genetic and that they are just "born less academic". I argue with this. Children are brought up from a young age to relate books to school and hard work. Why would they like them? Everyone has an interest. Everyone. Some of us have many, some just love one specific thing. Some have an obsession. The point is books document these interests. Knowledge.

So how do we make kids take an interest in books? How do you get them off that Playstation 3 and onto a beanbag with a copy of your favourite Siegfried Sassoon? One step at a time.

Tip number one. Disassociate books with school. This is the biggest step really. We need to stop them thinking that books are a form of punishment and make them start thinking that this is a way of making themselves become a better person. Ok that may be a little deep for a 10 year old but they do like learning. Take them to a bookshop. Why do I say bookshop not library? A bookshop for a 10 year old is hands down more fun than a library. Bright colours. Lots of comfy chairs. Generally kids running around screaming. Comics. Cups of tea. You know the ones. Waterstones is a great place to start. Make a day of it.

Tip number two. Let them choose the book. This may seem like a stupid thing to say but the number of parents who force Shakespeare into their teenager's hands and expect them to know every line of A Mid-Summer Nights dream amazes me. So you are in that book shop. Let them go. Tell them to choose any book they like. Yes even a comic (or "Graphic Novel") is fine, however id recommend checking the content. Any book at all.

Tip number three. Sit down and read it with them. I know I know we all have things to do, but try and make the time. This could be the difference between them becoming a Doctor and a cleaner. You know what I mean. It's important so sit down and read it with them. Again in the bookshop is a great idea as it gives you a place that they will begin to relate to books and fun. You could even splash out and buy them some orange juice. Struggling to read things together? How about just looking at some books full of photos. Kids always love pictures from deep space and you can start to explain them or learn for yourself. Macro photos of insects always go down well.

There you have it. My top three tips to help stop your kids hating books. The sooner you start these the better. Books are proven to expand our vocabulary and knowledge. What a great way to spend time with your kids, learn about their interests and help them one day become a better person.

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