What is an Appropriate Age For Your Daughter to Select Her Girls Clothes?

Do you believe that parents should have a say in what their teenagers wear? There are a lot of mixed emotions when it comes to talking about girls clothes and if parents should have a say in the clothes that they allow their daughters to wear.

Some parents declare that parents should have total control on girl's clothes, until their daughters reach adulthood. However, there are other parents on the other hand that believe that their daughters should be able to wear what they desire, because clothing is a clear reflection of their daughters personality.

Most teenagers will argue that their parents should not have a say in what they wear. However, this whole statement changes when their parents are the ones that are purchasing the clothing that they adorn for them. The truth is, girls clothes are a touchy subject.

As fashion continues to change, we are all beginning to see shorter skirts, tighter pants and low cut shirts becoming more and more prevalent amongst younger girls. A lot of parents argue that by allowing their daughters to dress in these mature clothes, that they are giving their daughters the authority to set forth the wrong types of messages about themselves.

However, what age do you believe that your daughter should be able to choose the girls clothes that she feels comfortable wearing? Most parents declare that as long as their daughters are living under their roofs that they will abide by their rules. However, for parents that are extremely strict on their children, their strict ways are not doing anything for their child.

The reason being is because children, especially girls are going to wear what they want. If their parent tells them that they cannot wear a certain thing, they will simply venture over to their friends house and change there before they head off. So, what the real question here is, would you rather let your daughter wear the clothes she wants to wear in front of you or behind your back?

As parents we understand that it is difficult to let your little girl go off and do her own thing. However, if you do not let your little girl express herself on your watch she is going to do it either with or without you.

The subject of girl's clothes will probably continue to be a touchy subject for parents to have to consider. However, remember that if you do not let your daughter wear what she wants she is going to do it behind your back. You need to realize that, before telling your daughter what you believe that she can wear or not wear.

You need to have an open mind when it comes to girl's clothes and help your daughter pick out something that both you and she can agree upon. By creating a middle ground when it comes to fashion you can help assure that your daughter is pleased with her wardrobe and will not engage in wearing inappropriate things when you are not around.

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