The symptoms of ADHD in adolescents - How To Deal with a young person who has the disorder

The symptoms of ADHD in adolescents result in a number of complications. Consider for a moment the various questions and problems that most adolescents are confronted to of such as:

* Their identity.

* Fitting in with their peers.

* Stress and anxiety about examinations, etc.

* Their physical development and changes

Conflicts with their parents and other figures by authorities

Now take into account the fact that the young person with add/ADHD to experience of these at the same time they try to cope with the disorder. Children with add/ADHD do not react how children without the disorder could these types of questions. For example, they may react more acute. This is because they very often have lower levels of tolerance which means they feel these issues so that they can cause to feel overwhelmed.

In addition, children with add/ADHD also tend to experience more problems when it comes to self-esteem and self image. According to the research and studies for add/ADHD adolescents, there is a higher instance of conflict between them and their parents. Interestingly, the highest rate of conflicts between adolescent ADHD tends to involve their mothers more often than their fathers.

If you have an adolescent ADHD and you have problems, first of all, breathe deeply, and realize that power struggles are not the answer to this problem. Although the symptoms of ADHD in adolescents result in struggles such as these there are better ways to deal with them. For example, if your teenager does not want to take their medication ADHD, it is preferable that you do not argue with them, try to dominate them, force them to take, etc. Instead, ask your teen why they do not want to take their medication. It may be that they simply keep forgetting to do so. If this is the case, you can discuss ways to resolve this issue with them. Invite their comments in the resolution of the issue, instead of directing them to not remember. Teens are very socially and you will find perhaps your ADO is simply ill at ease on their medication. They may not want their friends to know. If this is the case, why not discuss the issue with your baby's doctor. There are formulations extended release available today that will ensure that your child does not have to worry about their medication, while they are at school.

To combat the symptoms of ADHD in adolescents, keep in mind that what works for smaller or more young children may not work so well for the young person. For example, using techniques of behaviour as maps stellar management or reward systems simply do not resonate with them longer. They reached a level of maturity that should be considered. Teens learn to find their way in life, to exercise their authority. Rather than deal with a list of chores that they need to do, or a list of rules which are not negotiable, try being more flexible. Chances are that your ADHD adolescent is more likely to listen to and to hold in your rules if you invite their comments and remain open to negotiation.

If you are confronted with problematic behaviour there are ways to cope. Try to refrain from focus on the negatives. Take account of what they do well and be generous with your praise. Don't be not too serious. A good sense of humour can do miracles provided that the child does not become the butt of the joke. Let your teen to understand that their behavior has consequences but do combat is not with them in each small problem. This is when you should be able to pick your battles. These questions are not really important can be ignored. Forget step that they grow up and everything that will make them feel more as an adult will probably produce positive results. Therefore, you should consider offering them specific choices.

Should also consider the manner in which treat you ADHD in your adolescent. For example, your expectations are too high? Do you tend to make assumptions and conclusions? Discuss the problems that arise in a calm manner and suggest possible solutions to the problems that will work for you and your teen. Be sure to participate in this process. It is essential that you keep the lines of communication open.

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