Strategies to treat adolescent drug use parental

The prevalence of drugs in our society can make very difficult parenting. Parents must set clear guidelines on alcohol and drugs for their children and apply them consistently. However, despite the efforts of parents, children will be often form their own opinions about drug use. Simply talk to your children and explaining your point of view are not enough seriously affect their decisions - good timing, tone and choice of words are crucial to guide the choice of your youth. Most of the children will always be their own opinion, but the good parental advice will help them to make healthy decisions educated about drugs and alcohol.

Parenting more common approaches to teenage drug use are:

1. No tolerance

Zero tolerance is one of the most popular drugs policies in the schools of the United States, the law enforcement and policy. Not surprisingly, parents in America also frequently promote this approach. However, these strict rules cause many adolescents to rebel. This is particularly true in cases where parents are claims exaggerated the dangers of drug use attempts to frighten their children away never try their.

These policies were not successful in preventing the consumption of drugs and drug addiction in the streets and in schools; You can even expect difficulties and reaction if you use on your teenagers. According to the Vice-President of the Cambridge School Board, the threat of sanctions is particularly ineffective to change or prevent adolescent behaviour. However, there is a fine line between tolerance zero and firm boundaries, in good health. Varus this line is crucial for parents raising children who are making decisions informed, rational drug.

2. The moderation and tolerance

Some parents - mostly those who have used drugs with abandon when they were young - tolerate the use of drugs and alcohol to their children up to a point. They often feel that allowing their children to acquire experience first-hand with these substances is a way more healthy to learn more about them to avoid simply total. However, many experts in addiction and other health professionals argue that "light" drugs tobacco and marijuana can lead to the use of substances such as cocaine and heroin "difficult".

These parents may also want to avoid the rebellion of the adolescents whose limits are too tight. They are reasoning that authorized moderate use is best possible drug and rebel abuses. In some cases, parents who tolerate the use of drugs may simply try to keep calm things at home by appeasing their desires children.

3 Guidance and understanding

As many parents trying to control the behaviour of their children, most of the teenagers will make their own opinion on the use of drugs. Parents can only positively influence their children - or negative - not control. In fact, attempts to control or strictly regulate the behaviour of adolescents typically the effect inverse and aggravate the.

In most families, the best way to deal with the disturbing prevalence of drugs in society is honesty. Parents should not exaggerate the dangers or try to scare their children away never try drugs. Despite rebel stereotypes, adolescents tend to make such honesty and transparency; the truth to your children can make a huge impact. They can always try drugs at some point, but they are less likely to become normal or drug-dependent users when they have the right information.

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