The Fruitless Argument

I believe countless times you have found yourself in one argument or the other. It is indisputable fact today that we all get stuck in various conditions where we have to argue ceaselessly about a particular thing. Even in the society today, most especially in various homes, children argue with their parents. The observable fact is that most of these arguments are fruitless! Studies have shown that majority of arguments are about 75% sterile! Which means you may not make any meaning from such and it is most disturbing, serious time waster.

One thing I have observed is that teenagers are mostly prone to arguments more than individuals in higher age bracket. This I guess is because teenagers are less mature and may be idle in most circumstances. Apart from being idle, another thing that can make the teenagers prone to arguments is because of their body system. The physiology of a teenager is that of raging hormones and Adrenalin fluctuations. High level of Adrenalin most especially results in increased aggression in teenagers and adolescents in general particularly the females. Teenagers in most instances are found of engaging their parents in baseless argument. This in st conditions can even be on a trivial ground which would not have deserved such waste of efforts if properly considered in the first place.

However, we cannot dispute the place of arguments in certain conditions as it can help in rectifying an erring situation. This can be very potent in restoring normalcy simply because of individual differences. Some folks require that you forcefully drive your point home in order to convince them. Despite all these, I still insist that argument can be a serious bug that stealthily erodes the virtues in someone that does it. An argument, especially on baseless ground is fruitless and needless. The baseless ground I mean can be viewed in several perspectives that vary from the nature of your partner in argument, to the subject of argument. It is a sheer waste of time for a teenager to argue with his parents. This is because you cannot claim to know more than them. Arguing with someone that seems to know more than you do can be likened to running on a treadmill. You expend so much energy without getting anywhere. It is possible that you will eventually get hurt in the long run. Argument is totally fruitless, when the subject does not worth it! So many people today especially college students are the culprits here. You see, they spend quality time, discussing trivial issues, when they are supposed to discuss profitable ideas that are result oriented. I see you need improvements here.

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