Holiday Shopping Ideas for Your Teen

Teenagers are arguably the hardest ones to shop for. They are going through many changes and mood swings and one is never too sure what they truly will enjoy. Especially with technology and styles changing so quickly shopping for your teenager can put you on the good or bad side very quickly. Given the difficulty of deciding on gift ideas, here are some helpful suggestions to put a smile on that hormone driven teenager.

One gift that ever teenager wants would be an MP3 Player or IPOD. Most likely the IPOD because they tends to be the "in" thing, however even phones are able to do the same trick. Surprise your teen with a new phone. Each carrier has many different options, colors, and designs. This way you serve two purposes, one a way to stay in touch and two your teen gets to enjoy listening to music. Of course it is also more cost effective to buy one phone that can play music than a phone and an IPOD.

Another piece of technology that teens will enjoy this holiday season is a portable DVD player. Of course I would not recommend this be taken to school, but on those long car rides, it would sure be nice to occupy your bored teenagers with a movie player. Or maybe you can all enjoy watching a DVD together. A little family time could never hurt.

Game systems, video games, portable gaming now belongs to children of all ages, but certainly teenagers will never refuse. These days' teens can enjoy gaming wherever they are, at home or in the car. Getting them an Xbox, WII or PS3 this holiday will definitely win you cool points with them and their friends. Video games never get old and they are making some that improve your mind, eyes and vocabulary. Learning is now fun and disguised as a video game. Of course one may argue that teens already spend enough time by themselves with their friends. Why can't we do a family activity together? Ok, there are games like "Scene It" or "Guitar Hero" that plug into your television and create some family friendly competition. Go up against your teen to see who can play the best lead guitar. You will look like the coolest parent. Plus they can always invite their friends over to play at home, rather than using your precious gas and money at the mall.

Cameras and Camcorders are another gift idea that will definitely bring a smile to your teen's face. They can take pictures or video of their family, friends and outings. Make a cool photo album or add a video to You-tube. Your teen will be creative and inventive with these gifts. Another idea to keep the creativity rolling is a new computer. Desktop or notebook computers are probably more affordable now than they ever were. Plus they come with printers or cameras. A teen in today's world should know how to use a computer, not only to type a paper or get a job, but to be inventive and creative. Did you see the commercial the kid made with his i-phone? It was amazing and featured on television. Could your teen create the next commercial or write a song? The software is out there to help. Even though the internet may not be the safest place for a teen, the computer can still provide some valuable skills.

Enough gifts for the indoors, here are some suggestions if you would want your teen to be outside. Maybe a new snowboard, wakeboard, paintball gun, skateboard, basketball hoop, softball tee, and there are many other ideas. Just choose an activity that he or she enjoys or that you can play together. It is never too late to learn a new sport with your teen.

Shopping for your teen this holiday season should now be a little easier with these helpful suggestions. Now your moody hormone ridden teen can wear a smile on their face and so can you.

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