Help Parenting Your Troubled Teen Starts Here

Are you at a complete loss about how to parent your troubled teen? Do you argue with your teen and feel you can't get through to him or her? Are you aware of what's going on in your teen's personal life? Are you afraid to answer the phone because you know your teen is in trouble again?

Once your kids become teens, it's as if they become strangers. Teenage years bring pressures that mount with each passing year. Kids struggle with the age-old problems of peer pressure, grades, family and self-image. But now there are many more unique influences in your kid's life than ever before.

Think about it. Cyber-bullying didn't exist a few years ago. Neither did sexting. Kids are connected to each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week technologically and that means socially, as well. They are interconnected through social networks like Facebook and MySpace. And that means that what one knows, all know. Rumors spread like wildfire and a kid's image and reputation can be ruined by a few cruel keystrokes.

And, unfortunately the internet provides troubled teens with outlets they might not otherwise have found. They can find supportive groups and fuel for destructive tendencies. It is all laid out for them with step-by-step instruction and encouragement.

Most teens have boundary issues and many can be labeled as disrespectful. But, some kids become depressed, withdrawn, angry or engage in destructive behavior. Others are obviously deeply troubled. It's hard to know how to parent a troubled teen when you aren't even sure if you contributed to your teen's behavior.

Troubled teens are engaging in destructive behaviors and are headed down a path that will destroy any chance at a positive future. They not only hurt themselves, they can destroy your family. But you are not alone. Most parents need help dealing with their troubled teens and seeking help is much smarter than going it alone.

What can you do as a parent of a troubled teen? There are options for you and there is help. Read on to find some help at

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