Things to Bring Your Ex-Boyfriend Back, Even If He Is Not Willing To Contact You

How will I be able to be with my ex-boyfriend again? This is a question, which most of the teenagers and young adults have in their mind. Even though, several "how to" techniques are being advised, many of them may be irrelevant. By the time, you employ these techniques; you would have lost him completely, to someone else. What happens with the majority of youngsters is that, they are emotionally instable, and are unable to tackle such an emotional dilemma. Apart from that, most of the tips and advises on this topic follow the rule of "no contact" with your ex- boyfriend. By doing so, girls with a broken heart are trying to patch up things, by giving time and space for their ex-boyfriends to get adjusted with the resultant modifications in life. However, sometimes, this results in disasters.

While ample time and space are being provided to him, it is not an assurance they will come back to you. Girls keep waiting; but the truth is, the no contact rule makes him start a new life, where you are not a part. On the contrary, if you are not willing to follow the "no contact" rule enforced upon you, this may create an irritability nature in him towards you. So, you are forced to being in no contact with him, until he is ready for it. The worst thing about this is the uncertainty in waiting for his decision for a patch up.

Below are some techniques that will of great help:-

Technique 1: Do not argue

Do listen to him carefully, when he speaks. Take care not to argue with him when he decides to stay away from you, as arguing may raise his temperament. Calm down! Think twice prior to taking the final step.

Technique 2: Follow his no contact rule

Perhaps, the reason why he got separated from you may be due to the closed-in feeling that he got in your relationship. So, grant him his freedom. Once he realizes that, he has committed a mistake, he will surely come back to you, as he may start missing you and your thoughts. Meanwhile, you are getting a chance to enjoy your life as well.

Technique 3: Try not to acknowledge him

Since, you are obeying his no contact rule, doesn't mean that you should avoid visiting places that he may consider visiting. You have freedom of choice. However, in case, you meet up with him at a common social function, try not to acknowledge him. Even though, it sounds harsh, this will make him realize that he should reconsider your relationship. In due course time, try reminding him of the things that he is missing by avoiding you. Once realized, you can be as natural as before.

Technique 4: Act casual and sensible

Once he realizes that you are not emotionally weak, and being separated from him doesn't make any difference to you, he will surely come back to you. When, such a moment arises, he will take initiative to talk to you; you should act casual and sensible. It's evident that you are dying to talk to him; but you should conceal it from him. Finally, you can allot him a chance to relive your lost relationship. Hence, the spark in the lost relationship strikes again.

These four techniques will assist you in getting constructive ideas on getting your ex-boyfriend back, rather than destructive ideas, which may permanently ruin your love life. It might happen that; in no time, the temporary no contact rule may become a permanent no contact rule.

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