Symptoms of problem behaviour among teenagers

The problems of adolescence are a major headache for most parents. There are many causes of these problems - hormonal changes and physical, stress at school, family stress and pressure of peer group are some of the main causes of these problems. Let us understand various symptoms of adolescent behavior problems:

Withdrawal: The first signs of adolescent behavior problems are the withdrawal of their relationship with you. They will be suddenly stop responding to you and give you answers only in single syllables. They will start hiding something from you and become discrete. Also, they remain in their room all the time and refuse to be part of the family get delighted.

Arguments: Another major symptom of problem behaviour among adolescent girls is an increase in the argumentative nature of your child. Your child will stop to listen to and argue with you on almost anything. They will be in question all the rules you have thrown and arguments against to perform any work that you give them. This assertion of their individuality can be problems of the young person in the future.

Bickering Nature: Squabbling is a natural offshoot of stress and hormonal changes who know a young person. Your teen can start fighting with the younger brothers and sisters, neighbours and friends. One of the major problems of behaviour among adolescent girls that you may face is an increase in violence in your adolescent and the resulting problems of adolescence as the complaints from school, neighbours and other brothers and sisters.

Social change: adolescent behavior problems may also occur distance increased from parents and friends of the parents. Most adolescents exhibit aversion to any social gathering, and refuse to accompany their parents to family get together. Many adolescents also refuses to join a party thrown by their parents at home. Lack of social skills is one of the major problems of adolescence that most parents face.

The "resolution Teenage Problems" book not only provides various symptoms of these problems but also measure the severity of these problems, so that you can take immediate action. Behavioural problems are perhaps the most common forms of problems in adolescents who face all parents. However, proper communication and the display of unchallenged support can help your teen to navigate in this state of confusion and emerge at the other end as responsible and confident adult.

The author is an executive marketing successfully in the business of large consumer goods and of a mother of two boys. She has had a rough ride over the past two years and recorded his family on the disaster while working on his techniques successfully in parenting. It is specialized in the Councils of the parents. You can access free report "New Style" parental or buy his book "The Teenage problems resolution" on or check your "Parent Stress intensity Quotient"on "."

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