Some Tips For Teenagers Dealing With Conflict and Violence

Who am I?

* You have a right to be YOU, you don't have to be a size 8 or have the perfect hair... You are beautiful in a way that know other person can be.

* You are here for YOUR JOURNEY, no one else's but YOURS!

Respecting Others

* Everyone such as yourself is on their own personal journey... respect that

* Respect other Cultures: Australia is now Multi-cultural, other nationalities can be seen everyday. We should be proud they chose our country to live, but also we don't know why they left their homeland. Maybe their country is not safe or they escaped poverty. Look at other countries and see how they live, and understand how lucky Australia is. We can go to the shop without dodging bullets, we have fresh water and we have government support.

* What someone else thinks of you is none of your business. REALLY who CARES!

* We are ALL unique. Accept others that may be different and hope they respect us in return.

The Journey

If I didn't travel this journey I wouldn't be the person I am today. Each time something doesn't work out I believe it wasn't meant happen this way. And I need to take another direction or path... This mightn't work for you but it does for me.

Look at life as YOUR Journey... - Kimi Alcott

Arguing and Anger

Don't get into arguments, they are a waste of time and energy. Anger is an internal killing machine. Anger does more damage to you than anyone else. Why do this to yourself? MOVE ON.

The Future

You can do whatever You want to do, be what You want to be, but You have to take the First Step.

* Talk to someone

* Contact services

* Move forward

* Do it for YOU

* Take Your Journey

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