The Art of Parenting Teenagers

When talking about a good parenting teenager model, one example which pops up to me is Tiger Woods and his parents, Earl and Kultida Woods. These parents had invested a lot to make Tiger Woods a great and inspiring golf legend.

When Earl passed away at 74 on May 3, 2006, Tiger said, "My dad was my best friend and greatest role model, and I will miss him deeply. I'm overwhelmed when I think of all the great things he accomplished in his life. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend. I wouldn't be where I am today without him, and I'm honoured to continue his legacy of sharing and caring.'" Don't you want to hear your teen says like that one day?

I am sure parents are willing to make sacrifice to hear such comments from their children. This excellent parenting teenagers model should become an inspiration for all parents of teenagers.

You can enhance your role in parenting teenagers by investing in quality time, fund, love and appreciation to improve your relations with your teenagers:

· Be their coach and mentor. Recognize their strengths and weaknesses and help them to overcome the weaknesses.

· Help them believe in themselves. Show them that you have confidence in them and that they can make the right choices.

· Acknowledge their efforts. Encourage them that they possess the attributes you want for them. In some cases, stimulate them to improve and do better.

· Teach them the value of respect by showing your respect to them.

Parenting teenagers implies managing the conflicts with your teenagers wisely:

· Reflect on what you will say, how you will say it, and resolve to control your emotion.

· Concentrate on their behaviour, not on the persons.

· Convey your messages clearly and briefly.

· Address only one subject at a time.

· Make them feel that in spite of everything, you still love them.

· Do not argue with their points of view. Rather, express your own convictions and stand points.

· Do not belittle them. Talking down to them will annoy them.

· Do not preach. Preaching them will incite hostile attitude.

· Do not set boundaries you cannot force.

Parenting teenagers is about sharing, caring and daring.

Discover 150 Proven Strategies Of Parenting Teenagers


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