4 Steps to Have a Great Conversation with your Teenagers

I'm sure that you want to have nice, gentle, and entertaining conversations with your teens. Unfortunately, I'm equally sure that it doesn't always quite happen.

Don't give up hope, though, there is a way to have a nice conversation with your teen (your spouse, coworker, etc.). A nice part of this method is that it costs nothing, doesn't take any physical energy (like to handcuff your child's hand so they can't text their friend while talking to you), and, as a matter of fact, it has mostly nothing to do with them!

Here's how it goes:

1. Recognize the difference between facts and opinions. Facts are absolute. Opinions are... opinions. Music over 85 decibel is a loud sound is a scientific fact. If you like it our not is an opinion. Hair painted green is green is a fact. If it is nice or not is an opinion.

2. When you disagree with a FACT that they say, do a Google search and see who is right. (Don't be surprised when they are!) There is now no need to argue and have bad feelings toward each other. Just move on to another topic.

3. If THEY say an OPINION about something that you don't agree with, DON'T say, "You don't know what you are talking about!".Rather say, "Interesting, I think differently." Or, "I never thought of it like that".

4. If YOU say an opinion about something that they don't agree with don't get insulted. Just ask WHY they think differently. Don't just feign listening to their explanation but really listen to what they say. Two things could happen. (1) You'll understand your opinion better. (2) You might change your opinion and be better for it.

Don't get my wrong. I totally believe that parents have the right and the OBLIGATION to transmit THEIR value system to their children (my opinion). However I also believe that there is a time and a place to it. If the timing is off then a long parental lecture won't accomplish anything but to close communication channels. And this you surely don't want.

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