Teen issues - peer pressure and sex

"All the world he" seems to be the popular excuse among teenagers since the night of times. Parents argue often counter with something like "if everyone did this dangerous act, do you want to?" Unfortunately, this is a losing battle in advance. Teens are commonly of peer pressure when the parents are not around. It is one of the reasons why many adolescents are engaging in sexual activity. They believe that it is necessary to follow the crowd to adapt or be accepted.

Everyone the fact is a myth

Fewer than half of teenagers are having sex. Those who are, everyone knows that they are and others say that they are in. The truth is that teachers and parents speak and many adolescents are listening. Adolescents are against the stereotype that they are irresponsible and reckless and choosing to wait and build a relationship with someone while establishing respect for themselves and for others. Regardless of whether each person you meet is that of sex, a young person, it is your job to decide if you are ready to accept the consequences that having sex can cause. An individual is preferable from the crowd.

Standing for what you believe

One of the blessings of living in a free country is that you have the right to think and believe as you want. When everyone tells you that you must do something, don't forget that you actually have the right to say no choice to go against the tide is one of the things that made many famous musicians, actresses and multi-milliardaires succeeded in their lives. If you have religious belief against sex or simply the impression that you are not ready, stand up for believe you in and set the example to other people.

Dealing with peer pressure

There are two solutions base to deal with peer pressure. The first is to build a hard skin and be known as the boy or the girl who does not follow the crowd. Maybe you will be called names and maybe people will be offensive because you choose to make better decisions. The good news is the middle school and high school is not forever and the real world will provide much bigger fish to fry. The second option is of course to find new friends. A real friend would not harass or try your do not yield to peer pressure. While sex is a big problem for them, there not to be for you. If you give a temptation because of the peer pressure it only a matter of time before you give to others.

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